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Name Badge Tips

7 Tips for Choosing the Best Desk Name Plates for Your Office

Desk name plates are a way of introducing yourself to employees, clients, and colleagues. Here's how to choose the best one for your office.

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10 Major Mistakes You'll Want to Avoid When Creating Conference Name Tags

The name tags are a hugely important part of any conference. Here are the common mistakes you'll want to swerve when creating conference name tags,

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How to Avoid Name Badge Nightmares at Your Next Event

How to stay organized and avoid name badge nightmares when planning your next event. We have outlined everything you need to know here!

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A Name Badge With a Message: 10 Easy-to-Follow Tips For Creating an Effective Custom Name Badge

Want to create a name badge that speaks volumes? Click here for 10 easy-to-follow tips for creating an effective custom name badge!

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Say Hello to These 8 Unique Name Tag Styles and Find the Right Type For You

Want to find a name tag that's just-right for you? Say hello to 8 unique name tag styles & find out how to choose the right one for you here!

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10 Creative Name Tag Ideas You Should Try For Your Next Event

Spruce things up at your next event with these creative name tag ideas.

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7 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Church Name Tags This Sunday

Here's how church name tags can improve the experience at service.

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Hi! My Name Is Approachable: Improving Customer Service with Employee Name Badges

Putting a name behind the great service you experienced is one way to highlight exemplary staff or hold them accountable for improving customer service.

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The 10 Commandments of Conference Badges

What size? What font? What lanyard to use? Conference badges are easy to get wrong if you don't know the rules. Read on to know the 10 commandments of badges.

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ID Card Design Basics: Don't Forget These 7 Important Elements!

What makes a great employee badge? Read on to know the 7 elements to include in employee badges to help you optimize your next ID card design.

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What Is a Lanyard and Why Does Your Business Need Them?

With the push to require employees to wear badges, a lanyard helps ensure the badge is worn. But what is a lanyard? Here's why your business needs them.

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10 Rules to Improve Your Conference Name Badge

If your business is hosting a conference, you shouldn't settle for low-quality name badges. Here are 10 rules to improve your conference name badge.

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How to Make Name Tags for Your School Staff to Increase Professionalism and Security

Name tags for school staff can increase not only professionalism but security, too. If you're wondering how to make name tags, look no further!

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Making Name Badges for Your Company Conference to Improve Socialization

What are the steps involved in making name badges for a company conference? We show you how to find a name tag creator that can help your conference shine!

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4 Reasons Why School Identification Cards Are a Great Idea

School identification cards help improve school security and personal connections among students and teachers. Here are 4 reasons your school needs badges.

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7 Benefits of Custom Advertising Buttons to Market Your Business

Curious if it's worthwhile investing in advertising buttons? We reveal 7 benefits business owners should consider when using these unique marketing tools.

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Creating an Effective Name Badge: 7 Tips That Will Help You Enhance Your Event Experience

When creating event name badges, you know to know these 7 tips that will help your guests get the most from their event experience.

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Event Attendance: How Your Event Badge Can Help You Obtain Conference Metrics

When it comes to event attendance tracking there is one sure fire way to get correct information. Check out how to use your name badge to obtain metrics

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7 of the Best Low-Cost Trade Show Promotional Items

Looking to promote your business at a trade show this year? We reveal 7 affordable trade show promotional items to get your business name out there.

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Tips to Remembering Names for Networking Events

It can be hard to remember each person's name that you meet. Here are 10 tips on what can help you remember every name.

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Why Name Tag Ideas for a Wedding Is a Genius Idea

Weddings are some of the biggest and best celebrations of your life. When it's your own wedding, you want to ensure everyone is comfortable and having a good time.

Don't know everyone? Name tags for weddings can be lifesavers for everyone.

Find out why something so small can make your wedding the event of the century.

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How to Create Your Onsite Event Strategy

From technology to schedules conference planning requires a lot of time and effort. Here are some great tips to help plan an amazing event.

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Preprinted Badges Vs. Onsite Printing: Which Option Is Better For Your Conference

When deciding on event badge printing there are many things to consider. Here are the benefits of both onsite and preprinted badges.

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Why Company ID Badges Are Needed in Your Business

The U.S. has about 30.2 million small businesses, which have hired 47.5% of employees. One of the main concerns for these businesses is security for their employees, customers, and data. Consequently, companies are keen on ID badges to enhance security within their premises.

Other than security, badges allow a company to promote its brand. They further help to accomplish a sense of professionalism. Whether you’re in the hospitality industry or the healthcare sector, badges are a must-have.  

If you have a business, you need to learn more about ID badges. Here are some of the reasons you need company ID badges. 

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Promotional Design Mistakes to Avoid to Prevent a Bad Logo Design

We've all seen egregious examples of bad logo design. From the London 2012 logo to eBay's husk of an emblem, some logos just look bad. Either they're ugly and memorable for all the wrong reasons or they're just dull.

Bad logos can make your business look so much worse, so much less professional. Yet if you're not a graphic designer, you might not know the rules of logo design. How are you supposed to know which logos will speak well of your business?

That's where we come in. We're specialists in designing tasteful, good-looking signs and badges for businesses, with a lot of happy customers. In this bite-sized article, we've assembled a list of logo fundamentals to help you avoid common logo mistakes.

Are you ready to make your branding better? Ready to have a sign that attracts customers? Then read on!

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