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7 Tips for Choosing the Best Desk Name Plates for Your Office

Got a new office that came with a wonderful promotion?

You might think your old nameplate is enough to let people know who you are. Wrong! Your nameplate with the new title matters.

More and more studies indicate you can lead a healthier office life by sitting less at work. That implies more people roaming around if they’re not working while standing. Thus, everyone in the office gets the opportunity to present their desk name plates.

Unfortunately, the best nameplates can prove difficult to find. You may have already seen hundreds of possible choices but don’t know which to choose. Well, we’re here to help you.

Read on below for our tips on how you could choose the best nameplate for your desk.

1. What is Your Type?

When we say type, we mean typeface. A typeface is a single design describing the look of the characters. For example, Georgia and Times New Roman fall under the Serif typeface.

But why is font important? The font you choose makes an impact on first impressions, though people don’t notice this at first. They will notice, however, when your font is too gaudy or unoriginal.

Office nameplates with the classic serif typefaces can look conservative, respectable, or expensive. San serif typefaces give a modern, clean, and neutral feel. Though less used, the script typefaces give off elegance, femininity, and creativity.

When you look for a font, don’t use anything too complicated. You want a font type people will take seriously. You want a clean, readable office nameplate.

With that said, before you settle on a font, make sure that your font has the right spacing. You don’t want to compress the letters of your name too much, which is kerning. A name like ‘Marner’ might look like ‘Mamer’ if you don’t give the letters space.

2. Color Adds Personality

You have most likely heard of color psychology. It is the effect of color on the mood of a person. The effects of the color spectrum on emotion applies to nameplates as well.

Bright colors can mean openness, cleanness, and freshness. Black and other dark colors evoke elegance, power, and sophistication. A safe in-between is a neutral color like shades of beige, grey, and brown.

Before you decide, consider the color of the text against the background. Is the background too dark that even you can’t read it from far away? Are the colors of the text and the background too close that the text blends in?

Your nameplate grabs the attention of the viewer when coupled with the right texture, font, and color. You can make it unique and memorable by choosing strong colors. Compliment your office design with your nameplate color choice.

3. Simple or Intricate Desk Name Plates?

There are tons of designs you could use for your nameplate. Consider your office design and your position. Find the perfect design for you with those considerations in mind.

The key here is to use the appropriate design for your job. A bank supervisor is often limited to simpler, authoritative designs. In contrast, school teachers can get away with fun and colorful designs.

As they say, less is more. A minimalist design is a great choice. The minimalist design is straightforward, simple, and balanced.

Got a job with lots of fun quirks? Get a quirky desk nameplate! This is great for designers and elementary teachers.

4. Material Matters

Gone are the days when metallic nameplates were the thing. Now, there are many more materials to choose from! The great thing about this is you get the right style for your desk or office design.

Depending on the material, nameplates for desk use will have different weights and design limits. For example, expect a nameplate with a wood base and aluminum plate to carry some weight. Lightweight nameplates are often made of vinyl, aluminum, and glass.

You can show your creativity and uniqueness through your material choices. Why not commission a desk nameplate with a wooden plate fixed on a glass base? You can also get a special plate that’s shaped to your liking.

5. Size Matters, Too

Do you want your desk nameplate readable from across the hall? Are you thinking of getting a nameplate that would match your big, fancy paperweight? Both are possible, but are they practical?

There are studies that say messy desks can make you productive. That doesn’t mean your desk plate can be part of that mess. Your nameplate is a basic part of your desk, not clutter on it.

It should be the right size and height for your desk. Nameplates that are too big or too long can be a nuisance. Meanwhile, desk name plates that are too small may not be readable from across the office.

Names that have a moderate number of characters are easy to fit into nameplates. If you have a long name plus a title, see that the length of your nameplate still fits your table. You might want to consider using initials instead of your whole given name if your name is too long.

Always consider how much space you have before you get your nameplate done.

6. Visuals Make It Interesting

Nowadays, it isn’t enough to get a nameplate with only text. Some people are hiring visual artists to grab attention. We can’t deny that it makes their nameplates more memorable.

For an official visual, you have the choice of adding the company logo next to your name. If your department has its own logo, you can add that at the other end of your name.

If you want to endorse the company’s link or your profile in the company’s site, get a QR code for it. Add that QR code to the corner of your nameplate. It’s one way to integrate technology into your office.

By visual designs, we mean anything visual. A desk plate made of aluminum can have a little wire statue coming out of its side. Glass nameplates can have more than a flat shape.

7. Utility in Design

You don’t always have to get a nameplate for the sake of having a nameplate. Why not incorporate other aspects into your nameplate? Some nameplate designers have more functions in their nameplates.

The most obvious other function is that your nameplate can act as a paperweight. Your nameplate can also have a pen holder or a cardholder. If you use a lot of pins and clips, you have the choice to make a little pocket for that behind the plate.

Get Recognized with Style!

Without exchanging a single word with you, people could tell what kind of person you are with your design choices. Desk name plates are among the things you have more control with so why not keep it professional while also standing out from the crowd?

Did that help you out? Do you want a new desk plate today?

Contact us for all your desk plate needs! We also provide engraved name tags, photo ID badges, and printed signs too!

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