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How to Avoid Name Badge Nightmares at Your Next Event

Simple Name Badge Design

Did you know that business-to-business events in 2017 generated more than $1.07 trillion in direct spending?

The professional event market is living its second life with the resurgence in activity and attendant profitability. As an event planner, your goal is to host an event that will leave the attendees impressed.

Part of creating an unforgettable event experience is incubating excellent networking. This is where Name badges come in. Nothing helps event attendees create rapport and initiate relationships than a name badge.

Designing a name badge is, therefore, something that should not be taken lightly. This article will give you insights on how to create the perfect name badge for your event.


Alphabetize by Last Names

Whenever you are putting an event together, the guest list tends to change a few times before you have a fairly accurate version as the event date nears.

Since ordering name tags is a function with a fairly tight turnaround time you need to be extra careful with every iteration of the guest list.

Whenever you receive a new list don't fail to confirm that it has been alphabetized by the last name before you send it in for printing or distribution.


Make Double-Sided Name Badges

Picture this:

You are at a conference, trade fair, or other event where you came with the hopes of making great connections.

You mingle, try to talk to some people and not look isolated. Fortunately, you find yourself in a rather engaging conversation and as it gets to a high point, you look at the attendee's name badge to know their name.

There’s no name on display. The badge is turned the other way round! Your potentially useful conversation gets interrupted by the awkwardness of the moment.

As an event organizer, you need to be aware of the nuanced dynamics of relating with a total stranger at an event. When there is no name to read on the badge and make a connection, it introduces a friction point at that moment.

Your attendees will move around from time to time. Be it going into smaller breakout sessions or just getting into line for that snack they are bound to flip their name badge around.

When you are creating event name badges you have to factor in the possibility that when a name tag flips it can’t serve its purpose unless it is double-sided.

Design both sides such that no matter how the badge flips one can still see the name and other information for a seamless interaction experience at your event.


Choose Appropriate Logos and Colors

Everybody loves representing themselves with logos that stand out from the crowd. When it comes to name badge design, however, things are a little different.

When you use logos that contain multiple colors on most of the badge's surface, it distracts someone who will look at it from across the room.

The visual explosion of too much color and design will make it harder for someone to pick out the information they need from the badge.

Use color to accentuate the design of the name badge but do not run riot with it.


Use the Right Font

Few things have the ability to irritate you at an event than a name tag with font so small or illegible that you can’t see the information on it.

As an event organizer, you waste the money you spend on name tags (not to mention blunting the effectiveness of the level networking) when no one can see the name of the person they would like to approach for a conversation.

The rule of thumb with name tag font is that it has to be large and very clear. Because a majority of the people will be looking at the name badge from a distance you need to use a font that is readable from 10 to 15 feet away.

When you are preparing a name tag template to use make sure you look at it from a distance to see if you can clearly read it.

If the font is too small or too fanciful such that it makes the information obscure you need to switch it till you get the best result.

Another issue you need to be watchful about is using a font that supports long names. You need to test with fonts that when used on long names they don't cause it to distort on the badge.

Select a font type that will carry long names with minimal issues.


Avoid Typos

One of the most noticeable issues with a name badge is when you misspell the information on it. Why it can be a genuine error during production, it has the potential to anger your event guests.

When you misspell an attendee’s name, they can take it personally or be tempted to feel like they are not important enough.

A typo on their badges will also embarrass them for the duration of the event as they might become the center of attraction when meeting others and not in a good way.

Such an experience can have a negative effect on your brand perception.

When you are ordering custom name badges ensure that you check the information severally to avoid typos and other similar mistakes.


Excess Information

The purpose of a name badge is to pass on information at a glance. Such a use case implies that the amount of information you add when designing the tag needs to be just right.

When you cram in too much information on the name badge, you lower its effectiveness and therefore its quality.

Steer clear of using too many pictures, words and other content. Strive for simplicity to keep the message clear.

Create the Perfect Name Badge

Name badges play an essential role in your event when it comes to helping people connect and spark conversations. You need to create a name badge that communicates clearly at a glance for it to serve you best.

Do you have an event that is coming up?

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