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7 Reasons Why You Should Incorporate Church Name Tags This Sunday

Church Name Tags

The biggest church in the world has almost 800,000 members.

The Yoido Full Gospel Church is located in South Korea. We're willing to bet that most of the members of this congregation aren't on a first name basis.

You don't have to be part of a megachurch to desire a deeper connection with other church goers and guests. Whether you're part of a large congregation or a small one, approaching strangers can be intimidating, but some of the best relationships you can build will start with an introduction at church.

How can churches make fostering relationships between church members and leaders easier?

By implementing the use of church name tags. When church members and guests wear name tags, many great things can happen.

Keep reading for 7 reasons why you should incorporate church name tags for your members this Sunday. 


1. You Probably Don't Know Everyone

Most people aren't good with names. This is especially true with people they only see once or twice a week.

Megachurches and large congregations are becoming increasingly popular these days. Chances are, you don't know everyone's name.

Even if you have a small church population, it's hard to keep track of everyone's name. Name tags eliminate this problem and will help people associate names with faces.


2. Church Leaders Don't Either

Church leaders do so much for their congregation.

Unfortunately, that doesn't guarantee they have an excellent memory.

If you find it hard to remember the name of everyone in the church, the pastor probably does too. Church leaders strive to develop personal relationships with every member of their congregation.

Being able to call each church member by name would go a long way toward building relationships. 


3. Preventing Embarrassment

There is nothing worse than calling someone by the wrong name.

Whether you realize it later in the day or during the conversation, both parties will be embarrassed. Church members often call each other "brother" or "sister" which essentially means they don't know each other's real name.

Name tags will prevent such embarrassing moments and allow church members to interact with confidence.

Many church goers will avoid conversation with someone if they cannot remember his or her name. With name tags, every member can approach one another without fear of making a fool of themselves.


4. A Welcoming Environment

Name tags foster an environment where a stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet.

When you don't know someone's name, that first introduction can be the hardest barrier to break through. When you don't have to ask someone's name and you can introduce yourself without pressure, you will feel more confident and make more acquaintances.

Church members should feel comfortable conversing with one another. After all, church is one of the best places to form relationships with individuals who share your values. 

Fellowship becomes more personal when you can call each other by name. While calling one another something generic like "brother" or "sister" is not wrong, it doesn't foster deep, personal connections.

Simply knowing someone's name creates an instant connection. When you see one and another outside of the church setting you will be more likely to interact.

This is how relationships start. Having everyone wear name tags is a simple way to encourage personal relationships.


5. For the Guests

When guests visit your church, they will feel much more welcome and less like an outsider if everyone is wearing a name tag.

It is more likely that people will approach them and welcome them to the congregation. They will be on a first-name basis with the entire congregation after just one visit. 

Some churches give name tags only to guests, which makes them feel out of place and draws attention to their presence.

If guests are the only ones wearing a name tag, they will be forced to ask other people their names. They will be at an automatic disadvantage and will be less likely to initiate conversations. 

Wearing name tags also promotes outward focus. Guests are less likely to visit a church with an attitude that everyone knows everyone.

Chances are, this isn't even the case. If it is true, it doesn't give off a welcoming vibe.

Having everyone wear name tags sends a message that the church is expecting and excited for guests.


6. Opportunities for Service Work

Having each church member wear name tags creates volunteer opportunities for members of the congregation as well as church leaders.

After all, somebody has to order the name tags, someone has to distribute them, and someone has to ensure each members gets a name tag each week.

Then, someone has to clean up what is left and any name tags that are not properly discarded. This is a simple way for members to get involved in their church.


7. It Doesn't Hurt to Try

Church name tags are a very low-risk venture. The cost of purchasing name tags is reasonable and the benefits outweigh the risk of upsetting any church members.

If someone does not want to wear a name tag, they don't have to.

Chances are good that this approach will find success in just about any congregation. After all, this shouldn't be an earth-shattering change. 

Purchasing Church Name Tags

We hope you decide to give church name tags a try in your congregation.

Church members and guests alike will enjoy getting to know each other and feeling recognized on a personal basis by church leaders. Ordering church name tags is easy.

Contact us today to get a free proof and price quote for your order. 

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