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A Name Badge With a Message: 10 Easy-to-Follow Tips For Creating an Effective Custom Name Badge

Name Badge

Marketing your company takes more than just adverts, billboards, and subscriptions. It goes down to the small details as a name badge. In every event, people gather to socialize and improve their economic status.

That would be an opportune time for you to build and expand your brand. Increase the exposure by building a name tag that speaks volumes about your company. The work and attention you give it will be seen through its outcome.

If you're looking to create an effective name tag for your company, then read on and learn these 10 easy to follow tips to get exactly what you want.

10 Easy-to-Follow Tips For Creating an Effective Custom Name Badge

Every attendee and guest at your event will get a chance to connect with your brand easily using this custom name badge. It can easily be used for network marketing and as a great conversation starter.

Without further ado, let's get right into it!


1.Build Up on the Design

When you see a common brand like McDonald's, KFC or PwC, you notice their design. The colors that pop, the graphics that attract the eyes. That is what you are looking for. You need to carefully and slowly pick up a great design that will invite people.

It all begins by choosing the right designer for the job. Check on their credentials, references, and recommendations. Remember that authentic look is what you are aiming for.


2. Choose the Size Effectively

You want a good enough size that will blend for all your employees. Not too small and not too big. Something that can easily be read by guests in the event and something that will be identifiable.

There is a range of sizes to choose from. 4 inches, 3 inches, higher or lower. They could all look good, but it's best to first give a dimensional trial to see if they resonate with the event you will be hosting.


3. Choose a Proper Lanyard

A lanyard is a rope that will be used to secure the name tag in place. It should be easily adjustable by those who will be wearing the tags.

A double-ended lanyard may be best but it all depends on your budget. The perfect lanyard will allow for the name badges to be easily read and also not swivel around.


4. Readable Font

There are thousands and thousands of fonts to be used when you are creating a name tag. The best choice is one that doesn't strain the eye in any way.

Common types include:

● Arial
● Times New Roman
● Calibri
● Verdana, and others.

Try not to choose a font that looks stylish as it can affect the readability. The font size also matters. Standard size will allow for one to read the words with ease.


5. Expound Details on the Tag

For proper identification, the best tags have as many details as possible. A job title, for example, is a good start. Socializing takes more than just name introductions and familiarizing with others

It can allow you to sell yourself and the brand. Such valuable information allows you to connect with like-minded people whom you share a vision, dream or goal with.

You could also add the small details like number or ranking in the company. Makes it easier for people to spot you in a crowd.


6. Coding on the Cards

Depending on the type of event you have, you may need to pass through scanning and bar code areas. Ensure your code allows for such. This is a versatility strategy where you can customize your badges to be scanned even through clothes and sleeves.

With a name badge that has been customized technologically, you can easily pass through security without problems. Ensure it is tested using smartphones and other code readers before any event to avoid problems.


7. Increase the Palette Colors in Your Badge

Cheap may not buy you what you are looking for. This includes black and white tags. As said above, the amount of work you put forth can be seen with the final outcome of the badges.

In that case, always ensure that you spend time mixing colors to get the perfect multi-color mix or blend for your badge. Even with the brand colors included. They will be more attractive and relatable to people than otherwise.


8. Materials Used to Make the Badges

An effective name badge has been created with the best of materials. A heavy duty vinyl coating will allow for it to be as durable as possible.

Most events are set to last for several days to a week. In this case, due to constant wearing, you need to ensure they don't get damaged from wear and tear. Otherwise, it will be a bad look for your company when name tags start to look old, turn or rusty.


9. Bulk Buying

Holding an event is expensive already, you don't need to add to the burden. In this case, for economic purposes, it's best to buy the name tags in bulk. You will be allowed discount rates among other benefits.

Regardless of what the tags will be used for. Like a campaign, advertising, free stickers or photo IDs, a company will be able to buy with the best prices once the sale is done at one go.


10. Create a Sense of Union

A name badge acts much like a football Jersey. It is meant to unite your company into one. For that reason, if there are any uniforms or dress codes being observed, ensure you follow the same theme.

From a crowd of people socializing, serving or leading in something. The event has to look unified. The name tags will allow attendees to get a sense of teamwork where people blend and work towards the same objective and goal.

Get your Custom Name Badges Done

From photo ID badges to desk name plates and reusable name tags, these are the smallest yet effective marketing tools you can use for your company. They are cost effective and don't need much maintenance.

If you have been looking to get a name badge, contact us. We offer the best in the industry, with good prices.

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