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Tips to Remembering Names for Networking Events

People do business with people, not businesses. This is why meeting with a prospect in-person can turn them into a new customer around 40% of the time.

If you're looking for new work opportunities, 85% of the time, networking leads to a new job. But there is an artform to networking. 

Remembering names for networking events isn't always easy, but thankfully there are ways to help you. 

We want to help you get the most out of networking. Keep reading to learn our 10 favorite tips to remember names. 


Networking Event Name Badges


1. Remember Names for Networking Events by Connecting the Name to a Visual Image

Networking events can feel stressful to some people, especially if they're introverts. One way to put yourself at ease and remember names is by playing a little game with yourself.

Every time you meet a new person, associate their name with a visual image. If their name sounds like another word, connect it with that visual image. 

For example, if their name is John Foster, connect their name to the Fosters beer. Since we remember names better than words, this exercise can help trigger your memory when you need to recall a face or name. 


2. Use Their Name in Conversation

Upon learning someone's name, immediately use it in conversation. Here's an example:

Them: "Hi, my name is Sue."

You: "Hi, Sue! What line of business are you in?" 

Distinctive Memory

Don't go overboard and repeat their name too much, but by adding it into the conversation several times, it creates a distinctive memory.

In other words, speaking a name out loud a few times makes it easier to remember than if you just silently say someone's name to yourself. 


3. Ask Them How to Spell Their Names

If name badges aren't given out at the event, it makes it even harder to remember names.

To help you remember their name, try asking new people you meet how to spell their name. Not only will people appreciate it, but it's also a great way to break the ice and get the conversation going. 


4. Associate the Name with a Trait

You'll learn new things about the people you meet at networking events. It's a good idea to remember some of those facts for future conversations. 

As you talk with the new person, listen to the information they're sharing for something that can be used as a memory trigger. It could be that Amal likes soccer, Tryon sells toys and Patti is shy. 

You can then refer to them in your head as "Soccer Amal," "Tyron Toys," and "Shy Patti". 


5. Immediately Put Their Information Into Your Phone

Technology can help us remember names. After meeting someone new, ask for their contact information.

Then immediately enter it into your phone. If you see them again but can't remember their name, you can scroll through your names on your phone to jog your memory. 


6. Introduce Them to Someone Else

There's a good chance that you already know a few people at networking events. You can use this to your advantage in two ways. 

Once you meet someone new, introduce them to someone you know. When making introductions, use both of their names. 

This will help you remember both names while making you look like a master networker. You can still do this exercise even if you don't know anyone at the event. Introduce yourself to one person and then introduce them to someone new. 


7. Avoid Distractions

Events are often distracting. There are a lot of people around, it's noisy, and most people are new to you. 

If you're at an event in the evening, there may be alcohol served. That can make it even more difficult to remember names.

Make an effort to Focus on Your Conversations

If you get distracted easily, it's harder to remember names. Try to focus on your conversations while ignoring all the background movement and noise. 

When you listen rather than just hear, you increase your chances of remembering key pieces of information. 


8. Jot Down Something Memorable About Them on Their Business Card

A successful networking event is not one where you go home carrying a ton of new business cards. You have to follow up with those people you met afterward to continue the new relationship you forged. 

One helpful way to remember everyone you meet is to write something down on their business card that you spoke about in conversation. If you find out that Frank the business coach has a child heading to college soon, write that down. 

When you bring back up that information in conversation with them later, it makes you look amazing for remembering an important aspect of them. 


9. Confirm You Have Their Correct Name

Networking events tend to be noisy. It's a smart idea to confirm you heard a new contact's name correctly. 

You can easily do that by repeating their name back to them. If it's an unusual name, ask them to spell it or inquire about their name's significance or history. 

Asking someone to repeat their name isn't annoying. It shows that you're interested in learning the person's name correctly. 

At events where everyone is wearing name badges, you can ask a new connection what name they prefer being called by. While the name tag may have their full name, they may have a nickname they prefer. 


10. Associate a Feature With Their Name

Another way to help you remember someone's name is to associate a feature with their name. This needs to be a feature that is permanent on them.

People change their clothing so "Becky with the red dress" won't help since it's doubtful she'll wear a red dress every day. Try matching a physical feature with their name, such as their eyes. 

You can then silently refer to them as "Becky with the blue eyes."


Invest in Badges at Events

Networking badges make it easy to remember names for networking events. It's worth it to have a badge created to bring to all networking events.

It will help others feel comfortable approaching you and no one will forget your name. If you're planning on throwing a networking event, have badges made up for everyone. 

We can help create the perfect badges for your next event. Click here to start shopping

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