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7 of the Best Low-Cost Trade Show Promotional Items

Heading to a trade show is a great way to get your business's name out there.

Proper planning is still required: you'll want to take advantage of the general atmosphere to make sure people remember you.

Careful presentation of your product or service is required, but what fun is a trade show without swag bags?

If you're trying to figure out some great and low-cost options for your trade show promotional items then read on. We'll show you the beginnings of a great giveaway that'll burn you into the minds of your visitors.


Trade Show Promotional Items


1. Pens


Pens are, without a doubt, one of the most common pieces of branded merchandise around. They're also low cost compared to the benefits of having your branded item in a potential customer's hands.

You want to focus a bit more on quality here. There's no reason to mass-produce a ton of cheap ballpoints: they tend to get discarded quickly. A nice gel pen, on the other hand, is something that people tend to keep around.

A bit of quality goes a long way in this case, but the costs will remain low for the most part.


2. Buttons


Buttons can be hit or miss when it comes down to it. Something witty might help you get ahead, otherwise, it may feel like a useless addition to the bag and might never see the light of day.

Go with a professional graphic designer and try to come up with something original that still represents your company. If people want to wear the pin then you're doing it right but a logo and company name isn't going to be a big hit.

So, think it through when you're looking at advertising buttons, but they're definitely a low-cost way to put together something with potential at your next trade show.


3. Reading Glasses


One of the keys to getting ahead with your promotional items is to make sure that they're frequently used. Reading glasses are a great way to make sure that the item is on-hand when your potential customer needs them.

A useful item will always win out over one which doesn't see the light of day once the whole affair is over. Unlike pens, reading glasses don't run out and they're sure to be around for a good bit.

In the crowded conditions of a trade show, where normal glasses may end up missing, they're even more useful than they would be otherwise.


4. Stickers


Stickers, like buttons, are another way to get your branding out there if you think them through. Otherwise, they'll probably sit in a drawer somewhere.

Make sure they're attractive and witty and you're off to a good start. Something eye-catching will make sure that you're getting the point across without needing to be pinned to someone's coat, which makes them more likely to be used.

They're not the most original piece of swag but it's the thought that goes into them that will make or break their use in the end.


5. Coffee Mugs


Coffee is omnipresent anywhere white-collar workers can be found.

Why not try and get your branding in with a great cup? They're one of the easiest ways to make sure your advertising stays in use and they're actually a fairly creative medium to work with.

Cheap, branded mugs can easily be found online and they're a long-lasting addition to your trade show items. Unlike buttons or stickers, they don't even need to be particularly clever. Tons of people have more mugs around than they have use for after all.

Still, a bit of extra thought can go a long way in keeping you fresh in the minds of customers so don't just throw them out there. Give them some thought and you might just be the first thing that a potential customer reaches for in the morning.


6. Lip Balm


Continuing with the "in use, in mind" trend, branded lip balms are relatively low cost and will let you stay in mind. This can go one of two ways: people who use lip balm tend to use them until they're gone, those who don't... well, don't.

They may still end up being given to someone who matters, however.

There's a lot to be said for an item that is not only in hand but will also relieve discomfort. This association and long shelf life of a lip balm make them one of the more attractive items although it may cost a bit more than most of the others on our list.


7. Hand Sanitizer


Hand sanitizer is just as useful as a lip balm canister for keeping your business at the forefront of the minds of those who are interested. Like balms, they can be carried pretty much anywhere and many people use them on a regular basis

Depending on how your company is branded, a logo may be the way to go or a catchy slogan. It all comes down to what you feel is the best approach.

They're not prohibitively expensive either, although they'll run more than stickers or pens for the most part.


Start Buying Your Trade Show Promotional Items Now!


It's never to early to start preparing your trade show promotional items. If you've got a diverse bag you stand a good chance at making sure that you stay in the mind of potential customers who you interact with.

Ready to get started? Check out the pins, stickers, and magnets that we offer today!

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