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What Is a Lanyard and Why Does Your Business Need Them?

Think about any professional that you can imagine. Now try to picture what's normally hanging around their neck. Some type of badge or ID, right?

There's nothing that straight up screams, "professional" more than an ID badge. Your employees wearing ID badges is a great way to set your company apart from the competition and to come off more professional as you'd like to. However, not all employees are the best at clipping a badge to their shirt or uniform each morning.

So, how is this problem solved? Using a lanyard to hold employee ID badges is a great way to make the badges easy to wear. Your employees will have no trouble throwing their lanyards on and heading out the door each morning for work. 

Still not convinced? Continue reading below for our guide on lanyards and why your business needs them!


Custom Lanyard


Lanyards: the Breakdown

What is a lanyard? A lanyard is a piece of material that is looped around and brought back together at the end with either a hook or clip of some kind. The length of the lanyard is long enough to easily fit over your head and around your neck. 

You wear it just like a necklace, but instead of a pretty jewel or pendant at the end of it, you display your pretty ID. If your business requires access cards to enter specific rooms or wings within the building, then you can also have these access cards or keys attached to the lanyards as well.

This makes this super easy for yourself and your employees. And the best thing about the material that's used for the lanyards is that it's customizable. Many business owners choose to customize their company lanyards to display company logos, information, and more.


Lanyards as a Promotional Item

Lanyards work as a promotional item as well. Uniformed employees wearing a customized lanyard with their ID badge dead center on their chest is a great advertising tool. For example, if your business is a marketing agency and your custom lanyard has the word, "SEO" printed into it, those passing by who are in need of SEO services might stop your employee and begin asking questions. 

You might want to consider placing your website address on the lanyard as well. This helps the shy people who may not be as inclined to stop your employees on the street. They can see your website address and visit it in their spare time. 

For this purpose, be sure that your website address is something short and easy to remember. QR codes are another option you have. This will give potential customers the option of scanning the code and automatically being directed to your website or automatically having your business' contact information placed into their phones. 


Lanyards as a Safety Precaution

Lanyards are a great safety tool. They display employee IDs and badges properly and allow your security team to determine who is allowed access on the property and who's not with ease. Anyone who shouldn't be in your building, won't be.

If for any reason someone does manage to get inside an area restricted for employees only, they'll quickly be noticed because they won't have proper employee identification. 


Lanyards for Customer Interaction

Not only do lanyards help with employee interaction because they put everyone on a first-name basis, but they also help with customer-to-employee interaction. Knowing employee names helps customers interact with them, and if they forget what their name is during their conversation, then they can look down at the lanyard and be reminded. 

This also helps customers when needing to refer back to who they spoke with about a specific item, service, or anything else. If they spoke with an employee and never saw their name, then they won't know who they spoke with. If their name was directly in front of them on a lanyard, it will help them remember this name and use it for a reference later on. 

Your employees will also know that they must produce their best work and customer service because if they don't, customers can easily make a complaint about them. Name badges on lanyards are a great motivational tool for all employees to do their best at all times. 


Lanyards for Company Unity

For a team to be successful, there needs to be unity. A company lanyard with ID badges is a wonderful way to make every employee feel special. Only employees of your company are able to rock these stylish lanyards and doing so will make them feel like one large unit or family. 

Having this unity is important, because, without it, employees may begin to work as individuals instead. If your business has different departments within it, then having which department someone works in displayed on their lanyard badge is a great idea as well. This way, someone else who is in that department will recognize this and might feel more confident in asking them for help.

Likewise, someone from another department who might have a question for a different department can see who is from where and will know who to approach.


Where's Your Company Lanyard?


After reading through this helpful guide, are you ready to purchase your own company lanyard package? Promote your business, keep it safe, increase customer interactions, and provide a sense of company unity.

Ready to make the purchase? Visit our products page today to see how we can help you get started!

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