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Preprinted Badges Vs. Onsite Printing: Which Option Is Better For Your Conference

Your big conference is in just a month and you think you have all the basics: Location, catering, presenters, tables, decorations, the works. RSVPs are coming in, and you're going over the check-in process...when you realize that you overlooked something so basic, yet so essential: event badges!


Event Name Badge Printing


Event or conference badges, also called name tags or name badges, are something guests expect on arrival. Event badges give your conference an air of professionalism and easily dodge the awkwardness of meeting tens or hundreds of people—maybe more—over a few days, maximum.

Let's face it—name games are tired, corny, and aren't fail-safe. Not everyone has a perfect memory, and nobody likes being embarrassed when they forget a new contact's name!

It's easy to forget the little things in the whirlwind of planning an event. The good news is that it's simple to get set up online with all the name tags you could possibly need to ensure your conference goes smoothly.

You'll use either self-service check-in kiosks or pre-printed conference badges. But how do they compare? You're probably wondering how to decide which option to use.

Here's some information to start with about your event badge printing options:


Benefits of Printing Ahead


If you have some time left to plan, printing your badges ahead of your function will give you a chance to double-check they're correct.

Features of Pre-Printing

Advance printing gives you more control over the printing process. By printing ahead, you'll have full control over both the design and content of your name tags.

This is favorable for a number of reasons, including:

Aesthetic preferences

Making sure the necessary information is on each tag

Avoiding unnecessary content

Preventing typos

Ensuring the highest print quality

Get Professional Quality

If you want your badges to look professional, go to a professional name badge vendor. Professional printing equipment makes for professional-grade badges! Plus, unless your conference is very small, making your own tags is really annoying.

Placing an order for conference badges might seem complicated, but it's not. Ordering affordable, high-quality name tags in a variety of attractive designs takes just a few minutes.

Ordering in advance gives you customization options that are generally less available in kiosks. For conference planners concerned with looks, working with a professional printer makes all the difference.

Things to Consider

The rare problems you can run into when pre-printing are typically avoidable with planning. Things to consider and how to avoid issues:

If you have large numbers of guests, enforce a strict RSVP policy to avoid most no-shows, so you don't waste money on unused badges.

Get started early to make sure everything is how you want it.

If you're getting guests' names, titles, etc. from a list, it's hard to be sure that the information is accurate.

To solve the problem ahead of time, you could get attendees' information from their RSVPs instead, or in a pinch, you can correct inaccurate name badges at check-in.


Benefits of Onsite Event Badge Printing


Another option you might consider is onsite printing: providing self-service name tag creation kiosks at check-in, rather than printing tags ahead of time. This is a newer, but increasingly common option as technology becomes more accessible.

How It Works

Onsite printing lets attendees create their own conference badges using an electronic kiosk that can be purchased or rented. You can also install software with sign-in and name tag creation capabilities onto a purchased kiosk or sign-in device, such as a touchscreen tablet.

Onsite Printing Features  

If you're hosting a large event, onsite printing can save costs and hassle.

Guests entering their own information will help prevent errors and avoid non-error-related complaints.

Kiosks enable you to digitally track who attends. 

You would need to note which guests take their name tags or arrange some other method of taking attendance when using pre-printed badges.

Things to Consider

If your event is small, preprinting might cost less than a kiosk and check-in software.

Your design will be limited by the software you use.

While guests are unlikely to enter incorrect information, if your system gives them the ability to, it's possible that some will abuse the system.

On a similar note, be wary of sign-in system security. You're unlikely to have a problem, but they're not unheard of and could lead to serious issues, potentially even legal problems.

You need to be fully versed in the technology that you're using, or have somebody on hand who is, to avoid technical errors.

Make sure that electrical outlets are available nearby your sign-in station—even if your kiosks are wireless, you will want to be able to charge them.


Make Conference Badges Today


Now that you've learned about the two major options for event badge printing, are you eager to explore your options?

Here's some direction for your next steps:

Work with Best Name Badges, which provides name badges to a long list of major brands, like Sprint, UPS and Coca-Cola, among others. Working with a less experienced, less reputable vendor increases the likelihood of mishaps.

Right now, you can get started with a free proof and quote, or ask anything else you're wondering about here.

You can choose from the many designs already available, or provide your own design. If you really want to make an impression, you might look into purchasing name tag lanyards, which you can use to expand your brand's reach.

Don't worry about the size of your order, because there's no minimum order requirement. Even if you're in a hurry, a quick turnaround will have your supplies to you in no time.

All the materials you need to supply all of your next conference's attendees with high-quality event badges are available in one convenient stop, so there's no reason not to get started today!

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