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The Little Details Matter: How to Find the Best Name Tags for Your Event

Event planning is a big industry. In fact, it’s responsible for creating more than 5.9 million jobs. And a big part of every successful event is making sure attendees and guests can identify each other.

Nothing helps more than a high-quality name badge. But if you’re like most event organizers, finding the best name tags can feel like a bit of a challenge.

It doesn’t have to. In this guide, we’ll go over a few tips to help you find the best and most creative name tags for events.

Bigger is Better

When it comes to name tags for your event, bigger is almost always better…at least as far as font size goes.

Remember, you want your attendees to be able to read the names on others’ name tags. Choosing a small font may let you cram more information on the name tag, but it makes it hard to read.

Instead, choose a larger font size for attendees’ names. And reserve the small font for additional details like job title, hometown, or company they represent.

If people can’t read these details from a distance, that’s okay. It’s the perfect icebreaker and gives everyone something to start the conversation off with.

Reduce the Logo Size

Think of a name tag as an advertisement for the person wearing it. It’s their information that matters most on the tag or name badge. So, give it as much space as you can.

If you choose to include your event’s logo or sponsorship logos, keep them small. You can use larger logos on promotional materials, banners, and programs.

A good rule is to use logos at the base of the name tag. This creates a good frame for the actual name text on the badge. Just make sure the logos are smaller than the font size you choose.

Otherwise, they’ll detract from the readability of the tag.

Forget the Safety Pin

If you’re like most event organizers, you want to give your attendees something to remember the event by. And nothing does the trick like a custom designed lanyard.

These multi-purpose promotional materials give attendees a way to wear their name badges during the event. But once they’re done, the lanyards turn into great keychains.

When branded with your logo or your sponsors’ logos, they continue promoting your brand and event long after the event is over.

Make Sure the Badge is Stable

Though there’s no denying the coolness factor of lanyards, you’ll need to mount each badge securely. Remember, if the badge spins around, no one can read the name.

Opt for a simple threaded mount or use a clip to reduce the risk of the badge spinning around. But if you prefer the look of a spinner clip, consider printing the attendees’ information on both sides of the badge.

This may cost more, but it will make the badge readable no matter where it’s positioned.

Simple is Best

It’s easy to get caught up in the design. And when you’re proud of the event and the sponsors you’ve acquired, it’s tempting to fill your name tags with all sorts of information.

But the best name tags are simple name tags.

Focus on clarity of the font and keep the bulk of the tag free of cluttered images or confusing background colors. These direct the eye to different parts of the tag.

Worse, it can make it harder for attendees to read, especially at a distance.

Instead, opt for a background color that contrasts well with your font color. Black type on a white background is always a good bet. And the fewer colors you print, the more affordable the name tags will be.

Forget Handwritten Tags

If you’re worried about clarity, make sure to stay away from handwritten tags whenever possible. No two people have the same handwriting and there’s no guarantee that others will be able to read their name on the badge.

Instead, order pre-printed name tags and badges whenever possible. For guests that RSVP last minute or show up the day of, use a label maker to print their names clearly.

The less handwriting people have to read, the easier it will be for your attendees to remember names and network with new acquaintances.

Always Order Extras

Accidents happen. Name tags get lost or damaged on the go. But during your event, your attendees still need them to navigate through the event.

When ordering your name badges, always order extras and keep them with you during the event. If someone loses a badge, they can come to you for a replacement! Just make sure to use that label printer to print their name.

Make sure to also order a few extra lanyards. When the original name tag gets damaged or lost, chances are the lanyard is also gone.

Get Them Professionally Printed

Part of your event planning strategy should be getting guests to register in advance. This means you’ll have a list of names long before the big day.

Use this to your advantage! Send those names in with your order for name tags and let a professional print them for you.

This guarantees proper placement, clear font, and a better layout than handling things in-house. Even better, it makes your event look as professional as you want it to be.

Whenever possible, try to order the name tags at least two months in advance. This way, you’ll have time to correct minor flaws and printing errors before the event.

Order the Best Name Tags

You don’t have to hunt for the best name tags in a store or spend thousands on printing materials you’ll only use once. Instead, let our experienced team help.

We’ve got everything to help you create professional and high-quality name tags for your next event. Contact us today for more information or for a free estimate.

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