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The Results Are In! Top 12 Desk Name Plate Styles

Your desk name plate can say a lot about you.

When someone walks into your office, do you want them to be impressed by your status and professionalism? Then you should get a well-made name plate to represent you, your personal style, and how you like to do things. 

Today, we're going to talk a little bit about the different designs and styles you can have with your desk name plate. It doesn't have to be the boring slab of wood and Times New Roman font that you imagine it to be; it can be a completely unique reflection of who you are. 

Here are 12 memorable name plate styles that are sure to get you noticed at work.


Boss Name Plate


1. Printed on Plastic

When you use plastic, you can have whatever you want printed on your name plate. You can use the company logo with your name and title beside it or give it a personal touch with a personal logo or motto. 

If you're making several name plates, then this is a good option because you can match the company colors for a consistent look across everyone's desks.


2. Simple Metal Engraving

Having your name etched in aluminum is a sleek and classy look. It immediately gives you a sense of the person's professionalism and it also stands out against wood desks. 

We only use the thickest and most durable pieces of aluminum, so you can rest easy knowing that your name plate won't just look great, it'll stand the test of time as well.


3. The Marble Look

For a more luxurious look, you could go with a marble name plate. With marble, you'll have the option of white, black, and a few standard colors in between. 

Marble will definitely bring your desk to life. It's impossible for it not to draw the attention of any passersby, so if you want someone to know who you are and what you do, this is what you need.


4. Plaque on Wood

The plaque-on-wood, or "piano finish" is another elegant and classic look for a name plate. Almost nothing beats the combination of dark wood, a black plaque, and gold engraving. 

You won't see many fancy logos or "out there" designs with this style, but you'll gain immediate respect from anyone that sees it.


5. Wood Carvings

If the plaque isn't your thing, try out a wood carving for your name plate. It's a great look and with a talented artist, you can carve anything you want into the wood. 

The natural appearance of wood gives off a calming vibe that'll have your coworkers and employees relaxed when they come in to see you. 


6. Through the Smoked Glass

Smoked glass name plates are all the rage at the moment. Get one of these and your fellow employees will follow suit. 

Why are they so desirable? The beauty of the translucent glass has a really classy vibe. You should never underestimate what a little bit of class can get you in the workplace; namely, the respect and admiration of your coworkers.


7. Scrabble

If you just want to have a bit of fun with your name plate, take apart an old Scrabble game, glue together two letter holders, and find all of the letters to make up your name and title. You'll have to glue the letters to the holders so that they stay, but this DIY approach will amuse your coworkers and delight your customers.

This is the perfect name plate idea for a creative person in a creative industry. But if you're a creative, then you could come up with all sorts of ideas for your desk.


8. Acrylic Imprint

Another more popular approach to the name plate is the acrylic imprint. With these, your name will look like it's encased in glass, which makes it a delicate-looking piece of art as well as your name plate. 


9. Slide the Plate In

You could have a little fun with your name plates by having a few different aluminum or plastic ones made to slide into a holder. After you make them, you'll be able to let your coworkers know what kind of mood you're in based on the name plate you're using.


10. A Little Opulence

If you just want to be extravagant with your name plate, then go big with an opulent gold and black one, maybe with some fake crystals or jewels on it.

It's another great way to draw the attention of any passersby and you'll never get sick of looking at something so beautiful with your name and title.


11. Digital

How many times have you seen a digital LED desk name plate? Get a programmable screen so you can display whatever you want on your desk plate. If you work at a tech startup, this is a fun and creative way to show off your personality.


12. Multi-Purpose

When you're choosing a name plate, you shouldn't neglect the extra features that you can add on. If you want to turn your name plate into a card holder, pen and pencil holder, or paper weight, then let us know.

Working life is all about minimalism these days. Decluttering your desk is one of the ways to maintain your sanity at work, so you may as well use your desk name plate as a way to organize those little things that would otherwise be scattered about your desk.


Find the Desk Name Plate for You

If you already know which type of desk name plate you want for your office, contact us and give us your design. Our artists will work hard to make sure your vision comes to life!

At, we make name plates with world-class quality and craftsmanship at factory direct pricing. If you're not sure what you want your name plate to look like yet, sign up on site and use our Quick Create tool to guide you. You can choose the material, style, and make a unique design all on our page.

A nice looking desk name plate is what makes you proud to sit at your desk every day. Let us help you achieve that with our custom name plates.

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