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Corporate Gifting: Personalized Desk Name Plate

What if the best gift in the world could fit in the palm of your hand?

It's tough to find the perfect gift for the person that has everything. But it's worth taking the time to honor those teachers, coworkers, and loved ones who make us feel special.

As it turns out, the best gift is actually a personalized name plate. Keep reading to discover what makes this the perfect gift!

Personalized Name Plate

What Is a Personalized Name Plate?

We've prepared a solid guide for why these plates make perfect gifts. First, though, it's important to define exactly what these plates are.

As the name implies, these are specialized plates with a name etched onto them. While they are available in a variety of materials, the most common (and popular) plates are made of metal.

The most common plates are designed to sit on someone's desk. However, you can also get plates that are made to be displayed on someone's door.

Such plates can be ordered one at a time or en masse if need be. This usually comes down to how you intend to deploy the plates throughout the office.

Now that you know more about what these plates are, here are some reasons why you should give them away as gifts.

"One of Us"


Imagine the first day of work for a new employee. Even if they aren't confused about their new responsibilities, they are going to be worried about "fitting in" around the office.

Giving out name plates is actually an important symbolic gesture. It shows the new employee that you consider them "part of the team."

By giving the new employee such a sense of belonging and fellowship on the first day, you ensure that they integrate well with the rest of the workforce. And their improved performance will benefit you and your company.

Social Butterfly


To a certain degree, a good workplace runs on good relationships. It's not enough that each person does their job well: you want a team that works well together.

This is what makes team-building exercises so valuable. And even simple water cooler conversations can help build up employee relationships and a sense of collective camaraderie.

Giving everyone name plates helps with every aspect of relationship-building. After all, it's tough to start a new conversation when you don't know somebody's name!

Morale Boost


Every employee has heard the classic question: "living to work, or working to live?"


For most people, the answer is "working to live." They simply see their job as a means to the end of putting food on the table and a roof over their head.

Obviously, companies want to close that gap and create a sense of loyalty. And that means creating a sense of employee morale and meaning.

As a company representative, you giving a name plate out goes beyond giving a personal gift. It shows the employee that the company has noticed them and wishes to award them with a show of gratitude.

Ultimately, it's these "little things" that matter. And they all add up to make someone likelier to enjoy their workplace and their company.


Professional Look

Every office is constantly playing a balancing game. The two sides? Expression vs. order.

We want employees to have desks and work areas that express their personalities. And allowing them to customize this area helps to build the morale that we mentioned earlier.

At the same time, a uniform look is a professional look. When a visitor sees desks that have a matching look, they see a company that has its affairs in order.

Giving out name badges for desks is a perfect compromise. Everyone having a badge means the office has a uniform look. At the same time, there is still plenty of room for customization.


Very Sturdy

The idea of giving employees small gifts is nothing new. Most companies are constantly giving out things like branded pencils, cups, drink holders, and so on.

However, all of those gifts have something in common: they break or get lost very easily. It ends up sending a mixed message: if your employee gifts are basically disposable, then what does that make your employees?

Metal name plates, though, are something else entirely. They are very sturdy and have a pleasing weight to them.

This sends a more positive message to your recipients. By giving them something stable and sturdy, you help showcase the strength and stability they help offer to your company.



Earlier, we focused on the social aspects of name plates. Specifically, it makes it easier for everyone to strike up a conversation with someone if you can instantly verify their name.

However, that also leads to a more efficient office. Why? Because it's not always easy for visiting managers or division heads to find who they are looking for.

Instead of having them wander all over the place, name plates let them quickly scan for the person they want. And by cutting out all of the time they would have spent looking around, you effectively gain more time for productive activities.

This is also a time-saver in your own department as well. Employee turnover and company growth mean there will always be new employees coming in, and these plates mean you'll never have trouble finding particular people.


Special Achievement

Most employers give out their name plates early on in the employee's career. However, you may also choose to give one out as a kind of special achievement.

For example, you may give out plates to employees on the one-year anniversary of their hiring date.

This builds employee loyalty because you are thanking them with a tangible gift for their service. And it can even build a sense of competition for new employees who want to "stick around" and get a plate!

Personalized Name Plate: The Bottom Line

Now you know the many benefits of giving someone a personalized name plate. But do you know where you can find all the plates you need?

We specialize in plates, badges, and so much more. To see how we can help bring your office together, contact us today!

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