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6 Reasons You Need Volunteer Name Tags

Volunteer Name Badges

When you host an event, you're just happy to get volunteers in the first place. People willing to help support your vision and ensure it's executed flawlessly, without expecting compensation in return? Yes, please.

As such, in the mad rush to get everything organized, you may assume your volunteers will simply show up and perform the duties you assign them. At the most, you might give them matching t-shirts so they're discernable in a crowd. 

Yet, did you remember to give them volunteer name tags? 

If you're thinking that this isn't a big deal, reconsider. Especially amid the backdrop of recent event security concerns, it's important to make sure everyone is properly identified. 

Today, we're sharing six reasons why name tags are a must-have for anyone working under your charge, paid or otherwise. 

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1. They Identify Workers to Each Other

Whether you're operating a purely volunteer-driven event or you're using a mix of paid and unpaid employees, it's important that everyone is on the same page.

When you use volunteer name badges, you immediately help create a wardrobe code among your workers. This way, they can scan across a room and find other people to help them in case of an emergency or when they just need an extra set of hands.

This is also a great way to ensure that all workers can clearly communicate with one another. If you run a large corporation, everyone might not be on a first-name basis. With name tags, you ensure that they can express their concerns, request assistance and work together on a project with ease. 


2. They Build Brand Recognition

You never know when a volunteer could be creating a great impression for your company. That's why one of the most popular ideas for name tags is to include a brand logo on them. 

It doesn't need to be elaborate or oversized (and in fact, it shouldn't be), but it does need to be distinguishable. 

This way, when a volunteer goes above and beyond to help an event attendee, there will be no question as to what company he works for. 

Even after the event is over, there is a high probability that at least a handful of volunteers will leave their badges on.

Consider the conversations that could be sparked if those name tags are worn to a restaurant or other public place. In this scenario, the volunteer has yet another opportunity to speak about your company and the work he performs there. 


People Volunteering


3. They're a Security Measure

Put simply, event attendees don't want an unidentified person wandering around an event. Whether your volunteers are working sound at a concert, clearing tables at a function or directing traffic at a festival, they should be set apart. This is a facet of event security planning that cannot be overlooked.

At the very least, a badge should include a volunteer name. From there, it can also be adorned with other details such as what role they're performing there and the company they're associated with. 

In a similar vein, if your event is one that includes myriad high-tech equipment and gadgets, it's important to vet everyone that passes through your doors. A guest name tag should be required for all attendees, including those who came there to work. 

You don't want any unauthorized or unidentified person walking, talking and working at your function. Even if that person is entirely legitimate, a failure to provide appropriate personal signage could raise undue concern. 


4. They Spark Conversations

How many times have you walked up to someone at an event and introduced yourself, primarily because you saw a company logo on his name tag that you recognized?

Volunteer name tags are ideal because they allow those workers to spark conversations with attendees that might not have occurred otherwise. It will also allay any concerns or questions around who to ask for help. They'll know exactly who to go to and where to direct their inquiries.


5. They Encourage Accountability

Especially if you're a busy event manager, you can't be in every place at once. You need your volunteers to go where they're supposed to go and do what you intended for them to do.

If they're unidentified, they can easily wind up in a different area than you'd intended. This might be on accident, or they could be shrinking their responsibility.

When you require name tags for everyone, you can scan the room to make sure every area is manned and every helper is accounted for and in position. 


6. They Encourage Customer Feedback

As a business leader, have you ever had an outside customer try to praise a job well done (or vice versa) by one of your employees, yet they didn't have a name?

It can be difficult to praise or reprimand an employee if you don't know which one performed the act in question. 

This is why name tags are so important. If a volunteer goes above and beyond, you'll know where to direct your support and you can use that person as an example for what to do moving forward. 


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